The Importance of the Message

The Importance of the Message

The Importance of the Message

The Importance of the Message

The Importance of the Message
The Importance of the Message

Southeast Asia's Yachting Magazine Vol. 13 No. 1, Jan - Feb 2018

by: Easy Branches Team

To communicate is easy, right? Yet so many companies and event organizers fail at this apparently simple task. To be fair though, professionally commu-nicating a business' goals or an event’s strategy to a multi-lingual and multi-cultural audience is not actually as easy as people think.

Who do you wish to communicate to? What medium is best to communicate through? These are two common questions I’m asked in my position at Marketing Communications Agency, Infinity Communications. However, the first question you should ask yourself is “what is the message I want to communicate?”

Strategy is the key to every success-ful communications campaign. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to this. A strategy is bespoke, it should be developed based on the aims and goals of the business/ event, and be tailored for different recipients accordingly.

At Infinity Communications, we specialize in developing and delivering com-munications strategies for clients throughout Thailand and neighbouring countries. With offices in Phuket and Bangkok, our client base ranges from hospitality to real estate, tourism to technology, lifestyle, sports, marine and much more.

In my near two decades of experience in the media and communications field, I find people focus too much on the medium – be it a press release, story pitch, media briefing, press conference, social media, native advertising etc. It often becomes a battle of traditional media v's new media, yet the most important part of the equation, and which often receives scant attention, is the message itself. What it is you want to say. With the growth of social and online media it’s easy to measure “pick-up” in near real time, however, speed of communication should not be the sole focus and nor the measurement. Nothing, in my opinion, should usurp quality.

A PR/Communications strategy is most effective when working as an integral part of the business/ event’s marketing strategy and overall business direction. I am surprised almost daily that so many people think PR can replace marketing, and vice versa.

Infinity Communications work with a number of leading sports brands and events in-cluding The North Face, IMG, Laguna Phuket Marathon, Blacklight Run, SPIA Asia, and we currently represent four of Thailand’s top regat-tas – Top of the Gulf Regatta (Pattaya), Samui Regatta, Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek, and the Bay Regatta. Each regatta has its own unique characteristics, and to a large degree different target markets, which requires us to develop a bespoke communications strategy that achieves each of their business goals.

While some regattas wish to target international yachting media through our communications due to their main participants being sailors from overseas, other regattas have strong Thai participation and thus are keen to reach out to the Thai marketplace. To this end we create bilingual communications in Thai and English, and tailor communications and reach to different target media specific to each regatta’s goals.

With the explosion of social media, in particular facebook and LINE in Thailand, communications has got so much easier, right? Not necessarily. Social media is viewed as “free” by so many – you write something, post it, and there's no cost – and it provides instant gratifi-cation. I disagree, however. What social media can do is amplify the positives and negatives of an event, a business, or a product, and people so often forget (or ignore) that. They focus on the “free” aspect and their instant gratification of a “job well done”, when negative comments, and a negative impression created through poor communications, could prove costly, especially when left unaddressed. This is the cost. A hid-den cost of not communicating professionally.

My advice is to ignore this double-edged sword at your peril. Whether the medium is so-cial media, online media or traditional print/TV media, the message you communicate must be well crafted, on point and relevant, and contrib-ute positively to your business’/event’s goals in the short, medium and long-term

Infinity creates bilingual communications in Thai and English, and tailors communications and reach to different target media specific to each regatta’s goals.

(Duncan Worthington is the Business De-velopment Manager at Infinity Communications, and consults to leading consumer brands, hospitality and marine clients throughout Thailand. He also co-founded and runs the marine portal



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