Details and Spedifications of 29m Coastal Ferry

Details and Spedifications of 29m Coastal Ferry

Details and Spedifications of 29m Coastal Ferry

Details and Spedifications of 29m Coastal Ferry

Details and Spedifications of 29m Coastal Ferry
Details and Spedifications of 29m Coastal Ferry

Southeast Asia's Yachting Magazine Vol. 14 No. 2, March - April 2019

by: Easy Branches Team

Seacat is proud to announce the completion of its new 29-metre high-speed ferry. This sleek new aluminum catamaran is one of its best vessels to date.

This new ferry design is built in accor-dance with Lloyds Register SSC Code for hull and is also in accordance with the US Coast Guard, Sub Chapter K requirements. She is suitable for 149 passengers internationally and up to 300 pas-sengers for domestic coastal services. To achieve speeds of over 30 knots, she is powered by twin Baudouin V12 engines (1650H.P).

This design can truly be described as en-vironmentally friendly, with engine and exhaust systems up to IMO Tier 3 standard and United States EPA 4 compliant. The exhaust is fitted with an SCR system to ensure exhaust emis-sions are as minimal as possible. This is the first vessel fitted with this system for these particular engines. The vessel also has zero discharge to keep her eco-friendly.

Propulsion is through conventional prop/shaft, fixed propellers and mini keels which pro-tect the prop’s and gives the vessel great tracking and sea keeping. This matched with the compa-ny’s new deep-vee Seacat hull (which has been developed based on Seacat’s pre-existing proven hulls) will ensure customers a comfortable ride.

The lower deck has 195 aircraft, econo-my style seats plus sunken lounge seating in the fore-deck area. The upper deck house has 36 leather VIP business class seats inside and 58 seats outside. The main cabin also includes a small servery.

The flooring is a mixture of teak style walkways with lush carpet under the seats. The walls and ceilings are constructed from honey comb panels, with a painted surface for a nice clean look, easy maintenance and extended longevity.

The cabins are fully air-conditioned with built in redundancy, to ensure operation even if (on the off chance) there is unit failure. The aluminium construction is heavy duty to allow for extended life.

She has a total of four toilets, three of which are on the lower deck (one larger, wheel chair accessible toilet) and one located on the upper deck.

The helm features 360-degree vision for the captain as well as three additional control stations for docking purposes (port, starboard and aft). The main control station has “state-of-the-art” touch screen electronic navigation systems as well as monitoring and control systems.

The structure is extremely robust for extended life, SeaCat Ships offers 5 years warranty on all aluminium structures.

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