Sparkman and Stephens 104Hong

Sparkman and Stephens 104Hong

Sparkman and Stephens 104Hong

Sparkman and Stephens 104Hong

Sparkman and Stephens 104Hong
Sparkman and Stephens 104Hong


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The story of Silverlining is one that spans the world.

She has cruised more than 50,000 nautical miles, visiting more than 40 countries during her circumnavi-gation of the globe.

Now, she makes her home in Phuket, Thailand and is a perfect vessel for fan-tastic luxury sailing or diving vacations around Phuket, Langkawi or Myanmar.

The YachtDesigned by Sparkman and Stephens, this 104ft sailing yacht had a tumultuous history before finally being completed in 2011.

Initial-ly designed in 1998, the hull was laid up on a Chinese shipyard in 2000 but the project was abandoned in 2001, half way through the con-struction.

Chris Lenz, a restaurant legend from Sparkman and Stephens 104Hong Kong, bought the hull in 2008 and had it moved to the Phithak shipyard in Thailand.

Here the boat was finished with contemporary upgrades while the exterior was styled by the Sparkman & Stephens team, who are also re-sponsible for the entire engineering package.

After the yacht’s launch in 2011 Chris sailed her all around the world, starting with Indonesia before heading west and up through the Red Sea and to the Mediterranean.

The yacht visited several European countries and then crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

They sailed through the Caribbean and up the U.


east coast towards Thunder Bay in Ontario, Canada.

To reach this destination they had to sail through St.

Lawrence River and the Great Lakes.

The yacht was then sailed to Panama where Chris is living now but the boat contin-

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