The best Yacht crew job

The best Yacht crew job

The best Yacht crew job

The best Yacht crew job

The best Yacht crew job
The best Yacht crew job
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The best yacht crew job

What do you think is the best job in the world? Is it flying, is it being a doctor? Is it working from the comfort of your home? The truth is, there is no one best job in the world. But, there is the best job for you. A job that you do and you enjoy yourself, that is the best job for you. I believe that you have only landed on this page because you love cruising and traveling the seas.
Wanting to spend more time on sea, without having to worry that you are running out of cash. You probably want to get a job on a cruise ship or yacht. It’s a win-win. You enjoy the sea, and you get paid for it. Are you a young mum in search of jobs in USA, and would love something alluring? Then, you may need to consider being a part of yacht crew.
Now, let’s get through to the best yacht crew job for you. There are different jobs you can take up, as a part of a yacht crew.

    •    Captain
This is arguably the best job you can ever have on a yacht crew. Of course, the role makes you the head of every crew member. Hence, more pay and more authority. In fact, you are going to enjoy the best attendance of all crew members.
However rewarding the role may be, it comes with great obligations. You have the primary duty of ensuring a safe navigation across the seas. You are responsible for the vessel, the yacht and everyone on the ship. Not to scare you though, if anything ever goes wrong, you cannot leave the ship, except everyone else has left.
It is required that as a captain, you know the in and out of every part of the yacht’s functioning. You need to have maintenance skill, engineering, IT, administrative, and every other skill required by individuals of your crew.
With great responsibility comes great duties, and who says a young mum cannot be a captain?!

    •    First and Second Officer
This is another role that is well fit for women, and it is the second most rewarding role as part of a yacht crew. The first officer can also be referred to as the Chief Officer, and the second in the line of command. In dire situations where the Captain is not available, the Chief Officer must be able to hold the fort.
The officer has responsibilities ranging from navigation, to planning, bridge watch, management, coordinating members of the crew, amongst other skills. With this role on the yacht, you can get an average salary of about $6000 monthly.

    •    Purser/Chief Stewardess
There are cases in which large yachts need the service of a purser to ensure that there are no issues with recruitment and finances. However, on smaller yachts, this role is fulfilled by the chief stewardess. Once you have the relevant skills of bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll management, you are good to go.
One thing though, the person to fill this role – most likely a female – needs to have an inept organization ability. The purser also has the responsibility of being on par with guests, in the bid to plan trips, events and other activities during the course of the trip.
Salary expectations is also between $6000 and $12000, monthly.

    •    Head Chef
Are you really sound with kitchen duties? Then this is most likely the best job for you. The head chef takes on the responsibility of preparing meals for everyone on the yacht – including crew members. You will most likely have a team, but the responsibility still falls on you to make the best dishes.
Management, coordination and maintenance of kitchen utensils are critical skills to this role.

Final take
Getting a job on a yacht however, will not be easy. You are probably not the only one who looks to combine passion and earning. Hence, you need to differentiate yourself. Hone the required skills to perfection, give yourself an edge, and get recruited.

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