Bluegame turning heads

Bluegame turning heads

Bluegame turning heads

Bluegame turning heads

Bluegame turning heads
Bluegame turning heads


by: Easy Branches

Bluegame, the much talked about new brand from luxury yacht builder Sanlorenzo, is
coming to Asia via Simpson Marine, which has been appointed as the boat’s exclusive
dealer in the region. The Bluegame brand has been making waves since it launched
in 2018, when the BG42 and BG62 models were first presented, with the BGX70 following
at the Cannes Yachting Festival of 2019. A hugely positive response is now expected
for the brand’s arrival into Asia, particularly among Sanlorenzo fans, who will recognize
the same quality in the Bluegame fleet.


The BGX project is the result of a prestigious
collaboration between Luca Santella, head of the Design
& Style of the Bluegame, together with the Zuccon
International Project design studio, which is responsible
for multi-award-winning Sanlorenzo yachts.

In 2018, Bluegame joined Sanlorenzo, the
leader in the high-end luxury yachting industry. This
move radically changed the paradigm and opened up
to Bluegame incredible opportunities for growth and
development by exploring new paths. The strong boost
from Sanlorenzo materialized right from the start, making
available the talent and the creativity of the Studio
Zuccon International Project, signatures of most of San
Lorenzo’s award-winning models in recent years.

Bluegame yachts are built according to the
latest and advanced building techniques in composite
materials. Models and moulds are machined and
worked with CNC machinery to ensure maximum 
efficiency. The GRP stratification is made partly
with the infusion method and with the vacuum bag
system, using vinyl ester resin. The superstructure
is carbon fibre to lower the boat’s centre of gravity
for a better performance at sea and greater stability
at anchor.

The interiors were crafted by the expert
craftsmen of the Iseo Lake area, known for their
high quality boat building tradition. Thanks to
this craftsmanship the Bluegame yachts can be
personalized according to the tastes of the owner
and guests will experience the most updated house
automation, offering the best assisted living on

Bluegame production is made under the
most attentive sustainability principles, using FSC
certified woods, LED lighting, zero impact sustainable
leather and formaldehyde free furniture.

BGX70 - Soon in Asia

Innovation, a common driver of the Group’s DNA,
has expressed itself both in the external design, unconventional
and sophisticated, and in the original layout, never
seen before in a 70ft yacht. While maintaining the original
Bluegame design, there are large external multi-use areas, a
functional and safe deck operation and a high performance
hull designed by specialist naval architect Lou Codega. The
new BGX line has the added value of a large enclosed livable
area allowing the outside environment to gently “enter” the
yacht. Large window surfaces on the main deck offer 360°
visibility and direct access from the beach area into the salon
and owner’s cabin gives the BGX70 a revolutionary layout.

Winner of the “most avant-garde yacht” at the
Cannes Yachting Festival 2019, the inspirational BGX70 is
a real head-turner. Demonstrating Bluegame’s unconventional
design approach, the BGX70 offers an owner-centric,
customized vessel built using the brand’s sustainable philosophy
and delivering Sanlorenzo quality. At 21.86m (71’7”),
the seaworthy BGX70 sleeps six plus two crew, and reaches
high speeds of 30kn. The boat will make its Asian debut in
October of this year.


  • Model - BGX70
  • Length -71.7ft / 21.9m
  • Draft (m/ft) - 1.6m / 5.2ft
  • Max Beam (m/ft) - 5.6m / 18.4ft
  • Displacement (tons) - ¬40 tons
  • Engines - 2 x Volvo Penta 900HP / 1000HP
  • Fuel tank (l) - 4200 l
  • Fresh Water Tank (l) - 1000 l
  • Cruise Speed (kn) - 27 kn
  • Max Speed (kn) - 30 kn
  • Cabins - 2-3
  • Guests - 16
  • Designer - Arch. Luca Santella & Zuccon
  • International Project


The innovative BGX60 was conceived for those who pursue a
profound closeness with the sea; this surprising power boat will make you
experience the infinite blue even when inside your yacht.


  • Model - BGX60
  • Length - 62.4ft / 19m
  • Draft (m/ft) - 1.4m / 4.6ft
  • Max Beam (m/ft) - 5.3m / 17.3ft
  • Displacement (tons) - 35 tons
  • Engines - 2 x Volvo Penta 800 HP / 900 HP
  • Fuel tank (l) - 3,000 l
  • Fresh Water Tank (l) - 780 l
  • Cruise Speed (kn) - 27 kn
  • Max Speed (kn) - 30 kn
  • Cabins - 2-3
  • Guests - 14
  • Designer - Arch. Luca Santella & Zuccon
  • International Project


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