MC Yacht Charter’s Great Escapes

MC Yacht Charter’s Great Escapes

MC Yacht Charter’s Great Escapes

MC Yacht Charter’s Great Escapes

MC Yacht Charter’s Great Escapes
MC Yacht Charter’s Great Escapes


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From your home or office in Bangkok,
if you have easy access to the Pattaya
motorway, you can be in Ocean Marina,
on Freya, a cozy catamaran, cruising out to
enjoy the wonders of the Gulf of Thailand in
just two hours – yes, two hours!! Imagine that;
what a wonderful way to escape the stress of
this pandemic-stricken world for either a day,
or overnight cruise.

MC Yacht Charter’s owner/captain
John Stubbs and his crew take half-day cruises
from 8am-noon, or 1-5pm, where you can visit
nearby Monkey Island (Koh Ped) or stop in
and have a sumptuous meal at one of the many
fine seafood restaurants on Koh Larn, frolicking
beachside while waiting for your meal.

John has been in Ocean Marina for
over a decade now, starting out as a sailing instructor
and then running a boat maintenance
company, where he oversaw the care of close
to 50 boats. He turned to the charter business
a few years back when he purchased Freya.

Freya has a kayak, snorkeling and fishing
gear so you can stop in a nearby secluded
anchorage to enjoy a few hours of leisurely
marine activities before heading back to the
Big Mango. And if you have time, you can sail
or motor on over to Koh Si Chang where John
will anchor while you stay in a boutique hotel
overnight. Koh Si Chang overlooks the hectic
Laem Chabang shipping lane, one of the busiest
in Asia, and the outlooks and promontories
on the island make for great vantage points to
see all the shipping action go by.

John can stage a wedding or wedding party on board and a catamaran
is a great place to hold a birthday bash, a reunion with buddies or
even a teambuilding/networking event with work colleagues. John has set
menus passengers can choose from before going on board. He also plans
to do a fine dining cruise in the future so you can take in glorious sunsets
while nibbling on gourmet cuisine.

With the boat’s Bluetooth-enabled sound system you can dance to
your favourite tunes while observing the Pattaya skyline go by in the distance.
And there’s plenty of space, the boat is as wide (30ft beam) as some
vessels are long, so there is lots of room to move around, and party.

John also charters a smaller locally-boat cat called Island Breeze,
which can cater to a slightly smaller groups

John’s crew pays strict attention to safety; as the boat is a cat it’s
naturally more stable than a monohull and John’s crew knows how to
handle adverse weather conditions. In a recent trip, a squall came through
suddenly with 40 knot winds and John’s crew was able to expertly steer
the vessel through it as the partygoers on board hardly missed a beat as the
storm swept through

Before you enter Ocean Marina, passengers’ temperatures are
checked and John’s crew thoroughly washes down and disinfects their
yachts after each trip. They take their sanitation and cleanliness seriously.

Need a reason to get away from it all? What are you waiting for?
Call John and arrange a great trip on the ocean.

E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.comMCYachtCharters/
Phone no: English/Thai (Fern) 0957727035 ,
English (John) 0810036930

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