VELA 112 ft Sailing Schooner

VELA 112 ft Sailing Schooner

VELA 112 ft Sailing Schooner

VELA 112 ft Sailing Schooner

VELA 112 ft Sailing Schooner
VELA 112 ft Sailing Schooner


by: Easy Branches

A sweet shiny and spanking new
sail training yacht emerges from
the Chao Phraya River slipway of
Marsun Shipyard at the mouth of the river after
launching on July 2nd, 2020.

STV VELA, named after the "sail" of
the constellation Argo Naves in the Southern
Hemisphere, will soon sail from Thailand to
Cape Town to start her first around the world
voyage with student trainees from Sea|mester
Programs based in the USA www.seamester.
com. The University of South Florida is the
school of record for the college-level academic
courses taught aboard during the typical 90-day
voyages Sea|mester offers to students from
around the world. A typical voyage will see
VELA sail routes such as Cape Town to Antigua
via Brazil and the Southern Caribbean – or The
Caribbean to Tahiti via Panama and the Galapagos
– or Tahiti to Australia with all the islands in

VELA will follow in the wake of her
Sister-ship ARGO which, was also built by
Marsun Public Company Limited and launched
in 2006. ARGO is now on her sixth voyage
around the world. VELA is anticipated to follow
half a world behind her as they will typically sail
on opposite sides of the earth as they circumnavigate
with students seeking adventure and
college credits.

Marsun truly outdid themselves with
this yacht as she is as fine a yacht as could be
found coming off the ways at the world's finest
yacht yards. Project Manager and Engineer
Travis Yates says, "Marsun has been like family
for us over all the years, and we were thrilled
they were willing to build VELA when we
needed another yacht to carry more students
on our worldwide adventure programs."

Marsun's steel and aluminum construction
is second to none, as witnessed and
expressed by well-known sailing superyacht
captain Christopher Callahan. Bureau
Veritas' Bangkok Marine office provided the
Classification Society services. Like her sister
ship ARGO, VELA is rated Category Zero for
commercial service on all Oceans around the
world. VELA sails under the United Kingdom

Red Ensign as a part of the British
Virgin Islands Registry and his homeported
in Gorda Sound.

Marsun installed a Caterpillar
C7 main engine to power a five-blade
feathering Max-prop for top sailing
performance. Two Northern Lights
generators keep the high tech lithium-
ion battery system charged so that
most of the shipboard systems can run
on 24VDC power. The 19,000-liter
per day reverse osmosis water making
system and SCUBA compressor, along
with the large gas/electric oven are the
lone appliances that require a generator
power supply. The oven has to
make the meals for the typical crew of
31, which includes 24 student trainees
when on passage.

VELA's lines were born on the
drafting screens of Langan Design Associates,
who once again provided their
naval architectural expertise. Marsun
built the masts with plans developed by
SDK Structures, and with aluminum
extrusions produced at Nedal Aluminium
in Holland. With an air draft
of 34 meters, she is rigged with 25mm
stainless wire to stand up to any weather
the gods may send her way. Doyle
Sails of the British Virgin Islands, along
with the Doyle Barbados production loft
sewed VELA'S "wings." And as sister-ship
ARGO has already proven with a pile of
trophies over the years from The Phuket
King's Cup events and Antigua Classic
Yacht Regattas, she will be quick and
powerful under sail.

Shipmates aboard will share all the
crew functions from cooking to standing
watch as all are active crew members
without exception. By the end of the voyage,
they can navigate, bake, wash down,
hoist or furl the sails as required -- as all
functions are manual – time tested and
reliable. Modern sail furling systems can
break down, yet old fashioned "ironman
power" has lasted over the centuries.

Marsun built her to last. Just notice
all the stainless fixtures and fittings all
over the deck, including her chainplates!
Even the painted dorade top box plates
and flanges are stainless to avoid oxidation
and last forever. Truly a yacht built to
stand the test of time, and be just as lovely
tomorrow as today. Travis added, "Marsun
has always gone the extra mile working
together with our team to produce a vessel
of true and lasting beauty that is, at the
same time, a robust and safe vessel so that
we can confidently sail the world's oceans
for years to come.”


MARSUN has been one of Thailand’s
leading shipbuilders since 1980.
From it base in Samutprakarn, it is located
in a strategic location at the mouth of
the Chao Phraya River. The yard area is
51,000 square meters in total with a deep
basin measuring 17 by 80 meters, which
is equipped with 02 NOS 200 Ton Gantry

Over 319 various types of vessels
have been delivered to customers worldwide,
including naval and commercial
vessels, patrol gun boats, crew transfer
vessels and yachts. With an experienced
in-house engineering team, MARSUN
can custom-build yachts from 30-200
feet long. Moreover, MARSUN can
make boats out of steel, aluminum or
fiberglass reinforced plastic.

MARSUN engineering knowhow
allows it to systematically organize
repair work finding the root cause of
problems so they can be properly analyzed
and solved, offering up true solutions.

The MARSUN Shipyard is accredited
ISO 9001:2015 certification for the
provision of Design, building and repairing
of ship and boats by Lloyd’s Register Quality
Assurance (LRQA). It is also accredited
under the ISO14001:2015 standard of
JAS-ANZ and ISO14001:2015 standard of
NAC for systematizing a shipyard’s environmental
management system as well as the
ISO 45001:2018 standard for occupational
health and safety by SGS Thailand. This offers
a high standard environment to deliver
quality control for ship building repair work.

Under the conscientious eye of
MARSUN, be rest assured that your precious
yacht will be built, maintained and
repaired under good quality management

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