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We take a look at John Newnham’s fascinating life and the journey that brought him to Thailand leading up to his acquisition and racing of the Firey Twin Sharks.

Newnham’s Twin Sharks takes a bite out of the racing circuit

Where have all the boat shows gone?

Noted pundit Paul Poole weighs in on the conundrum of staging boats here and discusses the Thailand International Boat Show, set for Jan 6-9 at RPM.

Simpson Marine showcasing Aquila power catamarans

We feature both the Aquila 54 and Aquila 70 in this issue, proling what sets these two boats apart from competitors.

Rob Williams takes us on a tour of the Hanse 460

The new Hanse 460 marks the launch of a new model range combining radically innovative design with the traditional Hanse values-fast cruising and easy sailing.

Multihull Solutions Regatta hosts Phuket’s best sailors

The Phuket Yacht Club played host to this annual regatta in early July this time holding a monohull division, tting as Multihull Solutions now owns the Yacht Sales Co.

SEARA can meet all your fitness & exercise needs

We talk to CJ Prieur, head of SEARA’s facility in Phuket to learn the full extent of SEARA’s diversi- cation and all it has to offer when it comes to top-of-the-line sports equipment and surfaces.

Bay Regatta hi-lites beauty of the region

The team from Regattas Asia was at it again staging their second Bay Regatta through the trials and tribulations of COVID-19. The beauty of the course took people away from the worries & stresses of the pandemic.

Java Yachting opens up watersports center on Koh Lon

There are a variety of dinghies for rent and for small sailboat training as well as kayaks and SUPs for exploring the islands and waters around Koh Lon.

Phuket Cruising Yacht Club

Brent McInnes is one of a kind: nd out more about how he got here, and what his does down at his renovated Phuket Cruising Yacht Club in Ao Chalong.

Jessandra II focusing on inclusivity

Find out how Andrew McDermott, formerly of the Royal Engineers, fell into managing the Jessandra II racing team, made up primarily of women sailors

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