5 Ways to Manage Yacht Finance

5 Ways to Manage Yacht Finance

5 Ways to Manage Yacht Finance

5 Ways to Manage Yacht Finance

5 Ways to Manage Yacht Finance
5 Ways to Manage Yacht Finance
by: Easy Branches Team

5 Ways to Manage Yacht Finance

Possessing something as luxury as a yacht implies taking into account many specifics. It’s like a sports car or a golf club membership – a sign of association with society of the rich, a form of communication, and representation of the owner. Sailing yachts and motorboats tell absolutely different stories apart from the fact that you at all can afford your own sea vessel.

The yacht’s exterior tells even more about your current position in this privileged society, but the story doesn’t end here. What matters is how financially safe you feel at the same time. Here are five tips to manage yacht finance in a way not to be stranded ashore when others are playing the seas.     

  1. Having it all planned

Even with something as trivial as a fishing motorboat there are expenses associated with depreciation of equipment and fuel consumption. With small boats, it is possible to keep it within your household budgeting, keeping manual track of expenses on fuel, turbine lubricants, paint and replacement parts. With larger vessels, there inevitably come additional line items in accounting records you wouldn’t bother with otherwise, such as food expenses and electronic navigation software. The #1 rule is the same: having it all under control!

  1. Benchmarking

It is good to learn from others and keep expenses in line with what’s seen as normal. With your first yacht purchased, you are still new to the community – the more so it is vital to get understanding of legal requirements, prices, tariffs, and market suppliers for efficiency of investment decisions needed for maintenance and further upgrades.

  1. Automation with yacht finance software

Making it more complex means switching to electronic accounting sooner or later. Even household finances are managed easily with specialized software. For yacht finance management, there is also a great choice of applications like seazone.app to do the task in a simple and easy way, saving a bulk of your time you could otherwise spend on what you bought the yacht for: conquering the seas!

  1. Outsourcing

You will need a crew for an even bigger boat. It naturally includes navigators, mechanics, and you as their captain, of course, but it may as well include an accountant and/or a financial manager. No matter where you sail, daily operations imply financial transactions in different currencies. A sophisticated package of professional financial assistance includes, but not limited to:

  • Equipment and consumables orders control 
  • Budgeting
  • Monthly and annual expense reports
  • Accounts keeping in offshore jurisdictions
  •  Ensuring timely and adequate remuneration policy’s implementation
  •  Money transfers
  1. More than just a yacht

Going even bigger gets your yacht closer to a business entity. It may in fact be so, earning you additional income from recreational services, fishery, or cargo transportation. In any case, this further complicates financial accounting, demanding a comprehensive management team onboard. There are providers of services like safety management, technical management, crew administration, insurance assistance, and other types of services related to yacht management – together with the financial side of it.

In conclusion

Looking good and feeling that way is not the same thing. Like having heavy makeup and not feeling well when trying to make the most of your appearance, the expensive outlook of your person’s extension at seas – the yacht – is nothing if it is sinking under debts. It takes a lot to master yacht accounting, much more than doing the same with a car, although some of the expenses are similar. With a large boat, it is better to treat it as a business entity rather than a mere vessel, no matter if it is only leisure which you get as benefits, or there is a serious business activity associated.

Seazone.app, Need a crew

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